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Virtual Selling Through Curiosity

Results are real and measurable!

"In just a few months our average dollar value increased 15% and our percentage of opportunities over $250K increased. Additionally, opportunities over 100K have increased 6% year over year for an additional 132 million in revenues.  His results are real and measurable!"

Kevin Hooper

Vice President

Emerging Growth Accounts

Hewlett-Packard Company



Immediate and measurable results!

"Selling Through Curiosity™ is the most interactive virtual sales skills program we have ever seen. Barry has figured out a way to keep people engaged and challenged virtually. Our own sales reps were able to learn new skills, practice those skills virtually, and immediately apply them in real life. Barry gets immediate and measurable results in a virtual format."

Doug Dennerline

Senior Vice President and General Manager


Selling Through Curiosity

What if there was a way for you to understand your customers better than anyone else, and to gain a clear and powerful advantage over your competition?

What if you could create so much value in your customers' mind that they would want your solution no matter what the price?

What if you could set yourself apart from the competition quickly and win all the business?

What if there were simple and easy things you could do that, if you knew what they were, would...

. . . increase your personal revenue?

. . . substantially increase your sales?

. . . drastically cut down your sales cycle?

. . . and dramatically increase your win rate?

What if you could learn in days what it's taken the giants of the sales world years to master? And what if your results were completely guaranteed?

I look forward to seeing how we might take your sales organization to the next level!


Barry Rhein, Founder
Barry Rhein & Associates

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Our Virtual Selling Through Curiosity™ program surpasses on-location programs.
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Results Guaranteed

We are confident of our ability to impact your results.
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